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Points of sale

Where can you get our beer?

Of course, the first and most sustainable way to obtain our beer is the brewery itself.  By mail you can easily let us know what you want and we will contact you for the order and delivery.

But we also work with local shops and distributors to let you discover our delicious artisan product...

La Ferme de Stee.jpeg

Rue de Stee 61, 5590 Ciney

au pére lahaut.jpg

Chaussée de namur 29 A, Natoye

La ferme de sacré coeur.JPG

Chausée de Namur 80, 5360 Natoye

la ptite cave MAlonne.jpg

Av. de la Vecqée 325, 5020 Malonne

A c't'heure Dinant.jpeg

Rue Grande 146, 5500 Dinant


Rue du commerce 93a, 5590

L'instant gourmand.jpeg

Rue de Braibant3, 5360 Natoye

Rue Géneral Michel 39, 5000 Namur

Les fromages de Julie Durnal.jpeg

Rue bonny d'au ban 12A 5530 Durnal

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